Enamel coating

Enamelled glass for facade glazing, interior and exterior design

Enamelled glass

This is a type of glass, on the surface of which a layer of enamel is applied (any shade according to the RAL palette). After it dries, the glass is tempered to obtain all the necessary properties of safety tempered glass. The paint is baked into the surface and becomes one with the glass.
As a result, it will not corrode or fade over time, making it ideal for use in wet or corrosive environments.

Enamelled glass is often used in facade glazing, interior and exterior design. When facing facades, enamel is used both in a single form and in a prefabricated form.

In addition, enamel can be used together with triplex to create a more durable surface of glass floors, doors, steps, etc.

Characteristics of enamelled glass


  • min. – 300 x 500 mm
  • Max. – 2400 x 4000 mm
  • glass thickness: 3-25mm

Color models: RAL, NCS

Edge processing: polishing, grinding, beveling

Functions of enamelled glass

  • Masking of floors between floors and supporting structures;
  • Implementation of design ideas for facades;
  • Creation of unique interiors.
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