Production OP NII PKD

How our production works
Machines for straight and shaped edge processing, for manual drilling
  • GFP Rapid Chamfering Machine SF 260
  • Beveling machine type BEVEL 92 from MECCANICA CAMBI
  • CAU RT-10 Edger

Glass cutting and processing:

60,000 m2 per month
  • Cutting glass thickness 4 - 19 mm (with automatic removal of low-e coating). Glass size 3210×6000 mm.

  • Straight and curved edge processing: blunting, grinding, edge polishing, milling and drilling in one technological cycle for straight and shaped parts with min. size 250×600 mm.

Glass tempering

60,000 m2 per month
The KERAGLASS Reciprocating Glass Tempering Furnace for Tempering Sheet Glass with a Preheating Chamber and Convection System makes it possible to temper any type of glass, even those with a minimum emission factor of 0.02.

Enamel and frosted glass

60,000 m2 per month
  • production of enameled and frosted (analogue of Matelux) glass

  • maximum size 2000x4000 mm.

Lamination (Triplex)

250 m2 per day
  • production of laminated glass (triplex) with any strength and decorative characteristics

  • maximum size 2500×5000 mm.

Production of double-glazed windows

400 m2 per day
  • production of double-glazed windows on the LISEC robotic assembly line

  • with automatic sealing with silicone or polysulfide

  • application of bent aluminum spacers, CHROMATECH ULTRA and THERMIX PLUS

  • filling with inert gas in the press chamber

  • maximum size 2700×5000 mm. Max. thickness 100 mm. The weight of the double-glazed window is up to 1000 kg.

Digital printing on glass

  • Maximum printing glass size 3300×6000mm, printing area 2800×6000mm, glass thickness 4-19mm, maximum tempering width 2600×6000mm.

    The minimum glass dimensions are 400×400mm.
  • Printed glass is ideal for facade and interior glazing. Coating resistant to fading and abrasion
  • Photo quality prints up to 720 dpi
  • Six-color printing system, multi-channel printing capability
  • Possibility to print according to RAL palette
  • Transparency control allows you to apply images with specified light transmission parameters
  • Dot-to-dot printing: the ability to apply a two-sided image on one plane of glass, combining a one-color vector texture background with an image placed on it
  • Edge-to-edge printing without margin from the edge of the glass
  • A special "sandblast" printing mode allows you to simulate normal and "deep" matting
  • Possibility of labeling glass with variable data
  • Possibility of applying an "anti-slip" pattern on the glass steps and floor
  • Ability to print conductive tracks
  • Reading all major graphic formats: PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP and JPEG.
Blunting, grinding, edge polishing, milling and drilling of holes in one technological cycle for straight and shaped parts with a minimum size of 250×600 mm.

MAXIMUM SIZE 3210×6000 MM.
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