Implement any design ideas on overall structures with a large glazing area


Laminated glass

Consists of many layers pressed at high temperatures.

This type of glass is tested for resistance to impact, penetration, light (radiation), water and heat, incandescence, thermal shock and resistance to glass breakage.

Spheres of use of triplex

Construction triplex

Применяется для остекления высотных зданий, ограждения лестниц, установки стеклянной кровли, зимних садов, в автомобильных стеклах, для бронированных стекол в банках и на спецмашинах.

Художественный триплекс

In its manufacture, decorative fillers are used: colored film, fabric, natural or artificial leather, dry plants, photo wallpapers, etc.

This type of triplex is used to create designer interiors.

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